3D Heterogeneous Integration Alliance (3DHI)

The 3D packaging study group (HIYA) and the semiconductor 3D packaging material process informatics study group (3DPI), which were launched last year, merged from April 2023 and made a new start as the 3D Heterogeneous Integration Alliance (3DHI).

Dream big and become the world’s largest semiconductor consortium in 2050!

From May 2023, more than 50 companies are participating and more than 10 companies are under consideration.

We are recruiting at any time.
We will continue to improve our website in the future.
If you are interested in join the study group, please contact Inoue Fumihiro or Shimauchi Shigeru.
(<shimauchi-shigeru-zk”@”ynu.ac.jp> Please delete “” when sending an e-mail).

2023 Management Board

3DHI Representative Director Yokohama National University (YNU) Associate Professor Inoue Fumihiro
Chairman Osaka Metropolitan University Professor Saito Takeyasu
Director Osaka Metropolitan University Honorary Professor Hirai Yoshihiko
Director Osaka Metropolitan University Visiting Professor Sasago Masaru

Purpose of establishment, Activity content

This study group conducts industry-government-academia collaboration activities on the theme of the formation and process of “3D hetero-devices”, which is expected to be a keyword for revitalizing the Japanese semiconductor industry.

We aim to contribute to the semiconductor industry in cooperation with organizations and companies.

The Alliance will hold at least four events and study groups a year to introduce the latest domestic and international technological trends related to 3D Heterogeneous Integrated devices, as well as the activities of companies and research institutes and exchange information and opinions between organizations.